Our Mission

Cultivate and grow a coalition to educate, advocate, and celebrate in service to LGBTQ+ Northern Virginians and its’ straight allies. 

Our Vision

NOVA Pride’s vision is to foster a proud, safe, healthy and thriving LGBTQ+ community within Northern Virginia, working together with straight allies and ongoing  pursuit of an increasingly inclusive  community. 

Our Value

Uniting NOVA's growing LGBTQ+ individuals and LGBTQ+ friendly businesses, by forging a safe and all-inclusive community.

Why We Exist

Northern Virginia has a huge and steadily growing LGBTQ+ population. Within this area, we realized there is a need for recognition and local resources to help grow an LGBTQ+ community that is otherwise distanced from the metro DC area. It is this need for a community that fuels our mission to unite county-based organizations, charities, social groups, elected leadership and LGBTQ+ individuals at large to truly form a sense of community, and empower those within it to thrive in an accepting, diverse, and positive environment. 

What Makes Us Unique

NOVA Pride is not what one might think of when considering reaching out to a pride organization-we are more than a parade and festival. We are grassroots organization, completely volunteer run, that provides a unified voice, as well as a local base to Northern Virginians and helps make the LGBTQ+ community relevant outside of Washington D.C. Through regular events during the year, NOVA Pride brings a sense of community to families, youth, and people of all scene and sexualities, including having a strong connection to the deaf community by providing interpreters whenever possible. 

Our Values


NOVA Pride identifies and addresses important issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community daily. We work to educate the community by compiling and sharing resources to spark and engage informed discussion around LGBTQ+ issues. Additionally, we engage with trusted affiliates to mobilize and make these resources accessible and provide educational events.


NOVA Pride actively endorses adoption and inclusion of LGBTQ+ welcoming policies, procedures and practices for local and governmental services: community centers, boards of education, schools, service and protection departments, and local businesses. NOVA Pride also advocates for other established LGBTQ+ friendly organizations and observed celebrations.


NOVA Pride invigorates the LGBTQ+ community through its flagship event, the Northern Virginia Pride Festival—a safe space that brings the community together with friendly businesses, organizations, faith-based communities, and special interest groups. Throughout the year, NOVA Prides unites the community and local businesses through diverse and inclusive events.

Who We Are:

NOVA Pride’s Board and Volunteers are made up of a diverse group of adults who maintain a presence within Northern Virginia. We run the gamut of LGBTQ+ identification, with lesbians, gay men, bi/pansexuals, transgender individuals, queer folk and straight allies.

Phone: 703.506.2893

Fax: 703.506.3266

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*NOVA Pride and Northern VA Pride are trade names for Fairfax Pride, Inc. Fairfax Pride, Inc. is a recognized nonprofit charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.