Jess Press | Vice President & COO

Name: Jessica Press

Orientation: Straight Ally

Where do you live?  Rosslyn, VA in Arlington

Years in Northern VA: 6

Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

Occupation: Graphic Design, Publication Management and general Digi-guru for an Association Management Company in McLean, VA.

What have you done outside of NOVA Pride that makes you a great fit for the board?  I do graphic design and publication management for my day job, and I love rainbows - it's a PERFECT combination!  Promoting equality among all people is something I am extremely passionate about; and of course a supporter of LGBT-specific ideas and issues.  I've also been known to do pro-bono work for groups of similar mindsets and goals.

What excites you most about NOVA Pride?  Bringing people together for the common good!

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