Karen K. Holmes is an advocate for the transgender community, an honored solider, multiple award winner, and a TEDx Speaker. As a transgender woman she speaks about her journey and drives home the message that we're not different and we need to continuously express how we are more alike than not. Karen speaks about her successes as a Transgender Woman and what can be done to make the transgender community more comfortable in various environments. 

Terry Mcauliffe

"Everybody deserves to live life with zero discrimination,” said former Governor McAuliffe. “My very first official action as Governor was to ban discrimination in state government employment. I stood up against the so called “bathroom bill” that was even more extreme than North Carolina’s HB2 and vetoed legislation that would have given taxpayer-funded organizations, such as homeless shelters and adoption agencies, a license to discriminate against same-sex couples. I am thrilled to participate in this year’s NOVA Pride festival and stand proudly in strong support of the LGBTQ+ community.”


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