Festival Rules & Safety Procedures

All festival participants are expected to abide by all US/VA/Local laws. Violations thereof will result in removal from festival grounds. Law enforcement shall be notified if any participant presents a hazard or threat to the patrons, festival staff, officers, festival grounds, or organizations.


  • Outside food or drink
  • Acts of, or threats of violence
  • Bullying or harassment of anyone for any reason
  • Roughhousing or fighting
  • Erecting of tents
  • Drugs
  • Illegal firearms
  • Posession of alcohol by a minor, or providing alcohol to a minor
  • Sexual activity
  • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages outside designated areas
  • Lighted tobacco products in non-designated areas
  • Littering
  • Disregarding the instructions of any festival staff or police officer
  • Vandalism of any kind
  • Unauthorized sale or distribution of any items
  • Unauthorized operation of motor vehicles
  • Unauthorized posting of banners or signs
  • Unauthorized possession or use of open flames, stoves, cooktops or burners
  • Entry or Egress at any undesignated area

NOVA Pride Festival Emergency Plan

In the event of a necessary evacuation, the grounds will be split into three distinct groups.  Group A, which will exit through the main gate, consists of Purple, and Blue areas.  Group B, which consists of Yellow and Green, will exit through the rear gate, located along the fence near Yellow and Green, and walk on the outside of the gate toward the parking lot.  The remainder of the field (Group C), which includes Red, Orange, and Stage audience area will exit through the gates closest to the Red section headed toward the parking lot.

NOVA Pride asks that all vendors and volunteers remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.  If someone needs assistance, please contact a volunteer.

Emergency situations which would require an evacuation may include the following:

  • bomb threat
  • active shooter
  • large fire
  • widespread toxic event

If you notice such an event occur, please call 911 immediately.  Once that call is placed, flag down a volunteer immediately, or contact the NOVA Pride chain of command via cell phone below:


Alan Thompson (Safety & Security) – (732) 233-6731

Jess Press (Festival Operations) – (703) 627-8705

Severe Weather Plan

In the event of severe weather (sustained rains greater than 1” per hour, sustained winds greater than 45MPH, tornado, et cetera) we require immediate shelter be sought.  Should any of the above situations occur, an announcement will go out over the walkie talkies first, then the main stage PA system.  All vendors, volunteers, and participants of the Northern Virginia Pride Festival shall receive further instructions via main stage PA system in the event of any other necessary emergency responses.