NOVA Pride Restructures Board

June 14, 2016 - McLean, VA

NOVA Pride, a 501(c)(3) LGBT organization serving northern Virginia, recently reorganized their Board of Directors, including creating a new position, to draw upon specific strengths of the board members.  Brian Reach, NOVA Pride Founder, President & Executive Director stated, “I am thrilled to add two incredibly dedicated people to the NOVA Pride Board, and am proud to see our board continue to diversify and expand.”

Kyle Rohen, longstanding Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, has voluntarily stepped down to become the Family, Events, Life, and Outreach (FELO) Director so that he may focus his energies on aspects of the community he feels strongest about, including having more family-oriented materials and events sponsored by NOVA Pride. “Kyle has served the position well, and I look forward to him breathing life into these new areas of outreach and activity,” Reach says.

Jess Press, former Chief Marketing Officer, will become the first woman to hold the title of Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, a move applauded by Mr. Rohen.  "Jess Press has the tenacity, drive, focus, and strength to further the mission of NOVA Pride and steer us into the future," says Rohen. Reach adds, “Jess’ passion, talent, and spirit has supported this organization in such huge ways, and I’m excited to see her take the reigns as my counterpart on the executive team.”

In addition to the restructure, NOVA Pride has added Heidi and Evelyn BruMar to the Board of Directors as their Volunteer Directors, and the impact of the BruMar pair was immediately felt by the entire Board as their tireless work guaranteed a resounding success for Capital Pride's Parade and Street Festival this past weekend in Washington, D.C.  Heidi and Evelyn live in Gainesville, VA with their daughter Rose.  Reach adds, “Heidi and Evie have literally trudged through the mud with us to make things happen, and they asked for more.  I could not think of two people more ready to ensure that volunteers, the lifeblood of our organization, continue to help our organization thrive, and achieve progress in achieving its mission.”

Jess ConyersNOVA Pride