NOVA Pride Prom



Online ticket sales have closed, but there is room for EVERYONE!


Northern Virginia youth LGBTQ+ advocates are hosting the third annual NOVA Pride Prom on Friday, May 12, 2017 from 7:00pm-11:00pm at the Bellevue Event & Conference Center (43350 John Mosby Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20152). All LGBTQ+ students and allies currently attending a high school in Northern Virginia are invited to attend this unforgettable evening. NOVA Pride is thrilled to be a sponsor! As there is a lot information pertaining to Pride Prom here, please scroll through everything on this page.

Celebrate our Past

This year's Pride Prom theme is "Celebrate Our Past." Through this, we hope to emphasize the importance of historical LGBTQ+ individuals who have contributed to the LGBT Social Movement in a meaningful way. Attendees will be able to scan QR codes using Snapchat placed throughout the venue that lead to various "virtual exhibits" describing different historical figures and events related to the queer community.

As is custom with Pride Prom, attendees are encouraged to dress in a way that they feel most comfortable, so long as all attire is appropriate for a social setting. Individual expression has been a key component throughout the LGBT Social Movement. Dress as fancy or as casual as you would like!  

The Bellevue

While Pride Prom has traditionally been held in a school gym, this year the Bellevue Event & Conference Center has been extremely generous in providing their venue for a substantially reduced cost. On Friday, May 12 from 7-11pm, NOVA’s high school students will have the chance to dance in The Bellevue’s luxurious BALLROOM - which is AMAZING - Seriously, we're already at the event and took some pictures - check them out below!.

A Few Regulations

  1. Attendees must be currently enrolled in a high school in Northern Virginia
  2. Attendees must bring a valid school ID, driver's license, or permit to the dance
  3. Attendees who leave the dance may not reenter
  4. Attendees will abide by the rules and regulations relative to appropriate dancing 
  5. Attendees will respond appropriately to requests made by adults who are supervising the dance
  6. A student may bring a date who has graduated high school if they are 20 or under
  7. Dates who have graduated must bring a valid photo ID that matches the information on the permission form

A Bit of History

Pride Prom began in 2015 as Lily Hamilton’s high school senior “capstone” project to provide students with a safe space where they could enjoy a prom-like experience. Blake Hesson followed suit in 2016 by planning the second annual Pride Prom. Both years, the event was held in Loudoun County High School’s gym with over one hundred students in attendance each year. Leaders from gender-sexuality alliances across Loudoun County have collaborated this year to increase Pride Prom’s impact by partnering with NOVA Pride, a local Non-Profit organization that benefits NOVA’s LGBTQ+ community, and relocating to The Bellevue Conference & Event Center in Chantilly. The 2017 NOVA Pride Prom will be open to all high school students in Northern Virginia. 

Pride Prom’s mission has persisted: give students the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment.


Why You Should Donate

Pride Prom is completely student initiated and executed from start to finish. This means that every bit of the planning is by students, for students to make the biggest impact possible. 

This being said, Pride Prom's student leaders need your help to fund the event. All donations will go toward paying for the event venue, decorations, and snacks. Any funds left over will be directly donated to Casa Ruby, a bilingual LGBTQ+ youth shelter in Washington D.C.

To donate, press the "donate" button below and create your own fundraising campaign, or simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select "donate" again.